SOL 29: Some Days are Harder

They said it was only a 20% chance. I tried to remind myself this so my hopes would get to high. Two weeks ago we had our first IUI procedure In hope to finally start our family after two years of trying. Today is hard, full of a spectrum of emotions. My best friend welcomed her third child into the world this morning, and I am overwhelmed with joy for her and her family. On the other side my heart is breaking for yet another negative test as I wait for Aunt Flow and to try again the next cycle. Some days are harder.

SOL 24: Tables Have Turned

My husband can’t stay away once he sits down on the couch at night. It doesn’t matter if I choose the movie or if he does. Before the end of the opening credits his eyelids get heavy, his head begins to nod, and deep snores start. Tonight he choose Young Guns. He is wide awake explaining all his favorite parts and I am the one with heavy eyelids.

SOL 21: Student Showcase Night

So our district got rid of spring conferences so my build decide to host a night in place of spring conference where students could show what they have been working on and learning Thai year. My fourth graders and I came up with a giant list of things they could show their guest. From their data binders, there blogs, classroom and build tours, their recorders, even Maddie our school dog. They had so much fun preparing and even more showing off to their guests.