Editor or Coach?

I recently read an article during my district’s MRI training. The article asked if we were editors or coaches when it came to our students writing. At the end of the article there was a sliding scale and we were asked where we thought we were on the scale. After some thought I believe my “spot” on the continuum a moving piece depending on the part of the day my students are writing. During my students morning journaling I move toward the Coach side. When reading their journals I am looking for what they have to say not what they spelled correctly. And enjoy responding to their questions or asking them questions. The rest of the day, if feel like I side back toward the Coach side. As a teacher, I had the mindset that this was improving their writing to know what needed to be correcting. This article helped me to remember being that student who dreaded writing be I knew spelling was not my best feature (it still isn’t.) As this year begins, I want to keep this article in mind.


Getting to Know Me

I am a woman of many hats. I teach fourth grade and I am currently in the process of getting my masters in Educational Technology. I love adding new technology to my classroom. When I grow up I could see myself moving out of the classroom and into a role such as a Technology Coach that helps bring technologies into classrooms for others.

When I’m not at school I stay busy on the farm. My husband and I have cattle. I love spending time outside feeding and checking cows, hunting, and bow shooting.