Learning the Hard Way

Our parents try to warn us but something’s we just have to see for ourselves it wasn’t the best decision. This morning Ruby learned this lesson in life. 

Saturday morning on the farm means there’s work to do. After feeding the calf in the barn it was time to load up in the truck to pick up a tractor we were borrowing from a neighbor today. 

Ruby loves truck rides but being a spoiled farm dog she prefers to ride in the cab rather than the bed. Tonge blowing in the breeze and wind through her fur, Ruby is always ready for a ride. Sometimes her excitement overcomes her and she tries to stand on the window seal of the cab to lean just a bit farther out and Gabe or I have to remind her to sit down.

Well, on the ride back home Ruby was enjoying the breeze from the back seat of the truck cab and I was driving the truck with flashers for Gabe on the tractor in front of us. Farm Saftey! “Sit down Ruby,” I reminded her several times on the gravel road. Unfortunately, I missed one of those reminders and before I could reach behind the driver’s seat Ruby tumbled out of the window like an orange tumbling off the kitchen counter. As if in slow motion I helplessly watched her tumble to the ground and roll away from the truck and I slammed on the break and threw the truck in park. Quickly as I can I leap out of the driver’s seat hitting the horn in attempt to get Gabe’s attention over the roar of the tractor. The horn was useless as it only startled Ruby to leap up and race around the front of the truck before I could get out of it. Frantically I called her name over and over as I ran to the passengers side but she wasn’t there. Choking back the fear, tears, and panic I scan the near by field for a fleeing black and white furball only to hear jingling of the tags of her collar behind me. Partically wiggly butt and confused face, she leap back into the back seat as I opened her door.

Thankfully her little tumble only resulted in some scratches on her nose and chin where she broke her fall from the window and there wasn’t any need for a reminder to sit down the rest of the way home. I however didn’t know wether to laugh, cry, or be mad. 

After getting cleaned up Ruby is resting from this morning’s adventure on her favorite spot on the couch.


1st Slice of Life Tuesday-2400 Straws


2400 straws

Down the hall he came, pausing only a second to glace at each name above the doors. Continuing down the empty hallway.  The closer he got the more discouraged he looked.

“Can I help you find something?” I called as he glance at the name above my doorway.

His eyes had a faint sparkle as he asked, “Do you know a Brandy Norman that works here?”

“No, I am Bryanna Norman,” I explained

Discouraged he replied, “You didn’t order an entire case of straws did you?” as if he already knew the answer.

“I did, for our upcoming STEAM Night,” I exclaimed.

“I will bring you the box,” as he turned back down the hallway towards the door.