1st Slice of Life Tuesday-2400 Straws


2400 straws

Down the hall he came, pausing only a second to glace at each name above the doors. Continuing down the empty hallway.  The closer he got the more discouraged he looked.

“Can I help you find something?” I called as he glance at the name above my doorway.

His eyes had a faint sparkle as he asked, “Do you know a Brandy Norman that works here?”

“No, I am Bryanna Norman,” I explained

Discouraged he replied, “You didn’t order an entire case of straws did you?” as if he already knew the answer.

“I did, for our upcoming STEAM Night,” I exclaimed.

“I will bring you the box,” as he turned back down the hallway towards the door.



4 thoughts on “1st Slice of Life Tuesday-2400 Straws

  1. Us teachers… we’re always ordering random supplies, aren’t we? Once I ordered 24 two-minute sand timers. (They were for math games.) I got some looks for that one.

    I hope you’ll be joining us in March for the month-long challenge. Are you getting ready this month (Feb.) for it?


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