SOL 31:It’s hard for me…

It’s hard for me to read the new article about the child who’s been abused.

It’s hard me to watch the infomercial about the sad overseas orphans.

It’s hard for me to understand parents who can’t take time check in with their child.

It’s hard for me to scroll through social media announcements of growing families.

It’s hard for me to hear the “were ready for more grandkids/nieces and nephews”

It’s hard for me to scroll Pinterest through all the nursery decor.

It’s hard for me to listen how bad your children behave.

It’s hard for me to pass that section of tiny clothes.

It’s hard for me to keep checking my temperature each morning.

It’s hard for me to answer “When are you guys going to star having kids?”

It’s hard for me to keep charting every morning.

It’s hard for me to not just break inside when told not to worry it will happen when it’s time.

It’s hard for me to keep smiling when I feel like just letting go the tears.

It’s hard for me to be able to give my husband the family we’ve dreamed and prayed for.

It’s hard for me to keep hopeful and paticent.

It’s hard for me to suppress the desire and longing to be a mother.

It’s hard for me.


SOL 30: Happy Dance!

I got home before 5pm!

Today is my Friday! (Sorta)

Taxes are done!

Dinner is done!

Laundry is done!

Girls day plan next Saturday!

I have actually almost completed this challenge!

I have two students who have actually sliced everyday!

SOL 29: Ugh 

Wednesday’s are always go go go at school, they are early dismissals for PLC time for teachers. Once I got home today I had to drank myself in to the house. Thank goodness dinner is in the crockpot so I. An just crawl into pjs as I wrap up in a blanket on the couch. Wishing away this tired ache muscles and the start of a yucky feeling in my stomach. I have no time to be sick!!!

SOL 28: Students + Sugar = Opinion Writing!

What kind of crazy teacher willing gives their student sugar and expects them to produce writing????

This week we have started looking at opinion writing and we used milks favorite cookie to write an opinion quick write. OREO or Opinion, Reasons, Examples, Opinion. My writer’s have never been more focus during our writing time as they were today munching on their snack.

 Since Oreo’s are our principal’s favorite cookie we save a few for her when she returns tomorrow from a conference.

Next week we are going to decide if we are team Sweet or team Sour for a quick write. Since the rest of the week is a bit busy I am spending some quite time at home preping for our taste taste. (We have to be sure of our opinion when choosing a side. 

SOL 27: Waiting on a Man

Tonight when I got home my furry four legged baby was at the door to great me. Quickly I unload the groceries from the car. I tossed some ground beef in to a pot before throwing work boots on to head to the barn. I was quite stylish in my dirty work boots and dress clothes from school I might add. After feeding Luther our calf I tromped back to the house theough the squishy wet grass. Once the grocies were put away and the ground beef was drained I tossssd in the fixings for taco soup. And now I wait…..

I wait for my husband to get home from feeding at the other farms. As I wait the smell of the soup fills the kitchen.  Tummy grumbles, 11am lunch was so long ago. Must keep busy. Change out of dress clothes in to comfy clothes. The smell has reach the bedroom. The aroma of spices, cumin, onion, and garlic. Tummy grumbles, must stay busy. Setting out bowls and spoons so we can eat as soon as he gets home. Still waiting. Still need to blog today. What should I write about? The aromas from the kitchen? My grumbly tummy?

Maybe just a tiny taste test just to make sure it’s alright for when he gets home….

SOL 26: Proud Teacher Moment

I wanted to share my little ray of sunshine today on this gloomy Sunday afternoon spent grading informational on demands. A little background on the assignment. This was the post assessment for our informational writing unit after weeks of researching animals and studying components of imfortational writing.

For this student everything clicked together! We studied leads:

“SHOCKING NEWS! Ice closed in on a pod of Narwhals at 2:00pm today! Those poor Narwhals were on their way to Canada…WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A NARWHAL IS!?!”

We talked about vocabulary:

Mammal: a warm blooded animal.”

“A pod: a group of narwhals”

Narwhal (nar-wall)

Their paper was well organized as we discussed as a class. They even had lots of voice included.

“Narwhals can grow to 13 to 15 feet long! Wow! That’s about the length of a school bus!”

Unfortunately, our on demands are timed and students only have 45 minutes to complete their piece. Because of the time limit they did not get to finish their piece. I wonder how else they would have dazzled me if they had been able to finish?

SOL 25: Full House

Last night our two youngest nieces came over to spend the night. It was night full cooking and movies. They helped make dinner. They loved making brownies for dessert. 

This morning after chocolate chip pancakes the younger one discovered a lime on the counter. She wanted to try it so we sliced it up! ​​


SOL 23: New to the Classroom

To add to all the data talk in our district, I have created a goal bulletin board so we can create a classroom goal for our next ELA unit on text features. 

After taking our pretest, I explain to my students how the board would work and as a class they set their own goal. (They set it pretty high for themselves so we have lots of work to do!)

 The hive houses our goal and the daisies are stratigies and resources we will use to reach our goal. 

SOL 22: Back to the Drawing Board

I love how people like to say how easy teachera have it. Working only 8-3 with summers and all those holidays off. Unfortunately we know reality of teaching is not 8-3. Teachers are always looking and planning ahead. Not just planning for tomorrow or the next unit but planning for next year. 

Much like many other districts, data is a big and growing topic in our district. While on spring break I got to thinking a planning a way for my students to record and track their own data. So I created what look like a great plan. I sent off to print shop and it was waiting ready to go in my mailbox first thing this morning. (I am using this years class as Guinea pigs to try out the plan for next years class.) Since today was a short day due to PLC, after lunch would be a great chance to try it out. Jumping with both feet first I quickly found my first several kinks…. After some input from a instructional coach and some administration I found more improvements…

So tonight it’s back to the drawing board to revise and edit and try again for my 8-3 “job.”