SOL: 1stClassroom Challenge & diving in

I was introduced to SOL by Missouri Reading Initiative trainer. Many times I talked myself in and out of having my class join me on the month long challenge. Finally I committed and here we are the night before. I thought I would reflect on how I got to this point.

I created a classroom blog using word press’s edublog site. That way went student created their own blogs through the same site they could be added to my class and I can approve all posts and comments since we are an elementary classroom.  Permission slips were signed and return with permission to create blogs and currently I have a few students who will be joining the challenge via a writing notebook because they have not returned their permission slip. It was rather shocked that I have yet to have a parent who chose not to get their student permission to create a blog for this challenge. 

Today was the first day that as a class we logged in to our new blogs and kind of explored. We looked at changing the theme to make there blogs more personalized. We also look at how to comment and post blogs. I wouldn’t let them write their first blog just yet. I wanted to save that build up for tomorrow’s kick off.

Sitting here at home finishing up dinner I can tell I have some students ready to go. I’ve gotten a few comment approvals for posts that have already been posted on our classroom blog. I am just as excited to see what my students will create as writers. They have deffinatly grown as writers this year and they are still growing. Good Luck and Happy Writing to Everyone starting the challenge tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “SOL: 1stClassroom Challenge & diving in

  1. Best of luck on your new endeavor! It will be an exciting month full of ups, downs, challenges, and celebrations! Here’s to writing!


  2. Get ready for an experience that will change your thoughts of writing. It’s not easy, but so doable when you commit to it. This will be so fun to do the challenge with your class.


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