SOL Day 1

Well they started with a dead run. My fourth graders were so excited to kick off the challenge today I just got caught up approving all the posts and comments from today. We said our hellos to the world via Bio Poems so I thought I would write one myself.


creative determined caring

A lover of gardening, hunting, cooking.

Wonders if she’ll ever finished her masters with her sanity.

Who fears that it’s not good enough.

Who feels happy when sitting in a deer stand with bow in hand.

Who cares about her students becoming the best they can be.

Who dreams of summer garden vegetables and canning.

Who resides in Marshall, Missouri.



9 thoughts on “SOL Day 1

  1. WAHOO! I love your bio poem! My favorite line: Wonders if she will ever finish her masters with her sanity. No, probably not. 🙂 That one made me laugh. The next line haunted me. I wonder that, too! I love that you are on this SOL17 journey with me. You are going to be amazed at what happens to you along the way!

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