SOL Day 2: I have created Monsters

“Can I go blog?”

“I’m finished with my morning work. Can I work on my slice?”

“Did you approve my post from yesterday”

“Mrs. Norman have you read my slice today”

“I submitted my post and commented on three peoples post!”

From the minute they tromped across my threshold. It was none stop. They are so excited to be on this writing journey. All morning butterflies fluttered in my stomach watching their finger tickle their keyboards. Their daily journals have never been as detailed as their blog posts. This week they are truly seeing themselves as writers. Their eyes sparkled as the read comments on their blogs. I have created this writing monsters.

“Do I have anymore comments that need to be approved”

“Mrs. Norman are you finished approving the blogs”

It took me all day long to keep up with approving their posts and comments. I am so proud of my writing monsters.



2 thoughts on “SOL Day 2: I have created Monsters

  1. Excellent!!!! I dream of a world where all students learn the power of their written word – like your students have. You should be so proud of them – and of yourself for opening up this brand new world for your students. I look forward to reading more as the month progresses.


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