SOL 14: Bloopers of the Day!

So I thought I wwould share today’s bloopers. Enjoy!

So as I was walking do the hall Taking my class on a restroom break my mind started wondering to that crockpot of chili that I prepped for tonight’s dinner…Then it hit me I never took it out of the fridge this morning.

Our school is hosting a book fair and this afternoon at the the end of our browsing time I started counting to let them know it was time to get lined up to head back to class. 5…4…3…(my mind went blank) 3?……4?….5?  Puzzled one of my student turn and asked “Mrs. Norman which direction were you counting?”

 Our librarian was rolling with laughter when I replied, “I don’t know?”


5 thoughts on “SOL 14: Bloopers of the Day!

  1. Teaching fills your mind with hundreds of things at a time, no wonder you can’t remember which way you were counting. Bummer about your chili.


  2. I knew I wanted to read when you used the word “bloopers!” Don’t we all have them, all love them? Sorry you didn’t go home to that pot of chili. Laughed at your moment with the countdown.
    I think I move past my own bloopers so fast, Your post makes me want to remember them and capture them!


  3. Needed that giggle today! You are not alone on having “blooper” moments. I gracefully (NOT) rolled on my bottom as I was trying to squat down to chat with a reader. I must have looked like a Weeble Wobble.


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