SOL20: No More Sad Dog Books

So I’ve been trying to finish up this years Mark Twain Nominees. It never fails the chapter right before bed seems to be where I find the saddest part of the book. 

Either this year I was reading Zane and the Hurricane. Which was an amazing book. The dialog of the characters made me feel as though I was listening to the story in the middle of New Orleans. Of course I had to stay up late finishing it because the “last” chapter I was going to read before bed ended with a devastating event with pup in the story. Being the dog mom I am I couldn’t leave that kind of cliffhanger overnight.

Well tonight I’ve done it again. I’ve be waiting for what seems like a lifetime for Rain Reign. The last chapter I just read left me in tears for the girl and her dog. Thank goodness tomorrow is still spring break because this teacher will be finishing this book tonight. 


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