SOL 22: Back to the Drawing Board

I love how people like to say how easy teachera have it. Working only 8-3 with summers and all those holidays off. Unfortunately we know reality of teaching is not 8-3. Teachers are always looking and planning ahead. Not just planning for tomorrow or the next unit but planning for next year. 

Much like many other districts, data is a big and growing topic in our district. While on spring break I got to thinking a planning a way for my students to record and track their own data. So I created what look like a great plan. I sent off to print shop and it was waiting ready to go in my mailbox first thing this morning. (I am using this years class as Guinea pigs to try out the plan for next years class.) Since today was a short day due to PLC, after lunch would be a great chance to try it out. Jumping with both feet first I quickly found my first several kinks…. After some input from a instructional coach and some administration I found more improvements…

So tonight it’s back to the drawing board to revise and edit and try again for my 8-3 “job.”


5 thoughts on “SOL 22: Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Your brain is definitely working overtime on this one! But isn’t it also fun to have those brainstorms and tweak them until they work? I hope your trip back to the drawing board pays off soon.


  2. Anyone who thinks teaching is an 8-3 job has never met the educators I know. None of them work from 8-3. Everyone brings home work. Everyone makes calls at night. Everyone plans lessons on the weekends. Everyone is taking courses to better themselves in their “spare time.”

    I could go on…

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