SOL 27: Waiting on a Man

Tonight when I got home my furry four legged baby was at the door to great me. Quickly I unload the groceries from the car. I tossed some ground beef in to a pot before throwing work boots on to head to the barn. I was quite stylish in my dirty work boots and dress clothes from school I might add. After feeding Luther our calf I tromped back to the house theough the squishy wet grass. Once the grocies were put away and the ground beef was drained I tossssd in the fixings for taco soup. And now I wait…..

I wait for my husband to get home from feeding at the other farms. As I wait the smell of the soup fills the kitchen.  Tummy grumbles, 11am lunch was so long ago. Must keep busy. Change out of dress clothes in to comfy clothes. The smell has reach the bedroom. The aroma of spices, cumin, onion, and garlic. Tummy grumbles, must stay busy. Setting out bowls and spoons so we can eat as soon as he gets home. Still waiting. Still need to blog today. What should I write about? The aromas from the kitchen? My grumbly tummy?

Maybe just a tiny taste test just to make sure it’s alright for when he gets home….


4 thoughts on “SOL 27: Waiting on a Man

  1. That looks amazing. I would not have been able to stop at just a taste and my husband would have had to eat alone when he finally got home.


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