SOL 28: Students + Sugar = Opinion Writing!

What kind of crazy teacher willing gives their student sugar and expects them to produce writing????

This week we have started looking at opinion writing and we used milks favorite cookie to write an opinion quick write. OREO or Opinion, Reasons, Examples, Opinion. My writer’s have never been more focus during our writing time as they were today munching on their snack.

 Since Oreo’s are our principal’s favorite cookie we save a few for her when she returns tomorrow from a conference.

Next week we are going to decide if we are team Sweet or team Sour for a quick write. Since the rest of the week is a bit busy I am spending some quite time at home preping for our taste taste. (We have to be sure of our opinion when choosing a side. 


4 thoughts on “SOL 28: Students + Sugar = Opinion Writing!

  1. Hey, we are working with opinion writing as well–and your post was downright inspirational! I love the sweet/sour challenge. I hope you and your kids have fun with that! I’m sure you will.


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