SOL 1: Slicing with 4th Graders

Today’s the day! After Christmas, we started our blogs. We spent the last two months playing around with them, creating with them, and figuring out how to use them. Now we are ready to start day one of the Slice of Life challenge this year For the second year in a row I’m going to be slicing along side of my class. This year in my fourth grade class I have 22 bloggers and they are super excited about any writing challenge. Earlier in the year we had a writing stamina challenging and man they blew me away with being able to write for almost 2 solid hours!! CRAZY!!! So they’re excited for this new challenge. Some may be a little motivated by last year’s students talking about their writing prizes from last year‘s challenge but needless we’re ready to begin. Yesterday we spent some writing time brainstorming all the different topics that we could write about in our blogs. Good luck to everyone on a great month of writing.

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