SOL 18: New Classroom Toy!

I follow many teachers on Instagram and this past week several of them were talking about this VR cube. They were buying them all up because Walmart was selling them for $1 compared to it normal $15 price. It looked neat but I didn’t rush to our local rural Walmart that never has the good teacher finds. Today on my weekly grocery trip I figured I would check and see if they have them. Well they did and they were $1 so I bought…12!


SOL 17: St. Patrick’s Day Date

At one time we get dressed and got out for a night on the town with friends. This year after a day of me working on my last masters class and him building fence on one of the farms. We got cleaned up and went to Lowe’s to look at flower bed edging. Followed by dinner at BWW. Now exhausted, and full bellies we are both ready to hit the hay…zzz…

SOL 16: Feet Up Friday

For the first time all year I am leaving (before 4 o’clock) on a Friday afternoon with a crossed off To Do List!!!! (Happy Dance) Next weeks plans are done, new spelling sorts are gathered and cut for Monday, student blogs are all posted, and desk cleared off! Today I feel like I’m winning!!!


SOL 15: avoiding it

There it sits. It has traveled to and from school countless nights even switched from this bag to that bag. “I’ll have time to do it tomorrow” said over and over. Still it sits undone. It’s that pile of random assignments from absent kiddos.

Tonight I’m avoiding it…again…


SOL 14: Red letter day

Ending my day with great news. It’s hopeful, it’s new, it’s exciting. It’s not finalized so it can’t be shared yet…but the future looks bright. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


SOL12:Morning Day Date

We both had doctors appointments today. So we planned to spend the time together. We are first going to his appointment and then to a coffee shop before heading back for my appointment. No fancy candle light dinner or even real silverware. Just the two of us and a Jimmy Johns lunch.


SOL 12: New Toy

While at Walmart I thought I would bring them home a surprise. It warming up outside and a new big yellow ball would be so fun to watch them play with. I think I was more excited about then they were. They weren’t sure about what it was. They tried licking the ball but were startled when it started to roll toward them.


SOL 11:classroom transformation photos

Since yesterday’s blog didn’t post with the photo today I will a photo blog of my classroom transformation into Northwest Memorial Hospital


SOL 10: Classroom Transformation

Yesterday my classroom became a hospital, my students became surgeons and I became chief of surgery.

“Mrs. Norman, who do we get to cut open”

“Um….no one”

“Mrs. Norman are you tricking up into doing math?”


“That’s fine, this math is fun!”

“Surgeons, time to scrub out and head to recess and lunch.”

“Ugh… do we have to go? Can we were this outside?

“No, go scrub out you can scrub back in after lunch.”

“We have more surgeries this afternoon?”

“Mrs. Norman to be a doctor I need a coffee break!”

“Mrs. Norman something is fishy, all the morning surgeries were math related, and these are reading…are we gonna have some with writing too?”

“Can we cut someone open now?”

“Still No.”

“Another code blue? These people need to be more careful.”

“Can we do this again Monday?”



SOL 9: I don’t do it for the money

Today my partner and I transformed our 4th grade classrooms in to a hospital. Two weeks of planning, creating, collecting donations, and copying material. We spent our own money and our own extra time. We didn’t do it for the money.

We did it for the engagement of our students, for the real-world experience of what they are learning.

I did it for that small moment and that small voice “thank you Mrs. Norman for today.”

More about the classroom transformation tomorrow.