SOL 8: Panic Mode

I must have been living under a rock this week. “I have plenty of time to finish them.” I remember telling myself. Then BAM! It’s Thursday and grades are due tomorrow. Whoops, it’s gonna be a late night tonight.


SOL 7: Teaser for Friday

My partner teacher and I have something special planned for our students. Today I’m going to share a photo blog of teasers for the up coming surprise!

SOL 6: I once was

I once was puny calf,

unable to walk I couldn’t keep up with my mother.

Starving and with little chances of survival,

I was loaded up on the eve of a rain storm.

Dry under a large strange tree,

a bottle of warm milk filled my belly.

Gentle touches and soft sounds, Rufus Rufus,

came with the bottles three times a day.

Little by little I got stronger,

little by little I could go farther.

I’d follow her anywhere,

keeper if milk gentle touches and soft sounds.

Now I am a strong steer calf,

grazing on grass and grain.

Strong muscles move with each step,

bucking and snorting in the sun.

Patrolling my pasture by day and night,

until I here those soft sounds.

Keeper of grain, gentle touches, and soft sounds,

are their any hidden treats in your pocket?


SOL 5: it’s the little things

It’s the little things at the end of a long day. It’s….

…it’s leaving your teacher desk neat a clean for the next day….seeing only a nose and wagging tail flag flying in the window when you get home. …coming home to clean house after the cleaning lady comes….the pitter patter of hoofs coming in from the pasture to see if their are any hidden treats in your pockets. …a quiet gravel road evening walk with your farmer.It’s the little things to find joy in.


SOL 4: Since Last March

Since Last March …

  • We got two bottle calves that follow me around like big dogs.
  • We found out I had PCOS and that was causing all the trouble.
  • We went away to Hawaii to relax.
  • I painted my classroom.
  • I got rid of the elephant sized computer desks in my classroom.
  • I rearranged my room with flexible seating.
  • We started the Keto Diet to help with the PCOS.
  • I lost 20lbs and have maintained it.
  • I celebrated my 26 years of life.
  • I started the process to try IUI.
  • We started re-landscaping the front of our house.
  • We bought a tractor to help on our farm.
  • I have finished all but one semester of my master’s program.
  • I have been blessed with love and joy.

SOL 3: Saturday To Do

  • Sleep in without and alarm (check)
  • Breakfast made (check)
  • Kitchen cleaned up (check)
  • Got the farmer out the door to fix fence today (check)
  • Slice of Life (in progress)

Now that I have the quiet house to myself:

  • planning classroom transformation
  • plans for next week
  • master’s program homework
  • clean out car
  • grade math packets
  • sub plans

SOL 2: Today’s the Day!

It’s an exciting day. It’s a little scary day. It’s a nerve-racking day. It’s a busy day. It’s another hurry up and wait day. It’s Friday. There are still a lot of questions to be answered. Are we ready for the next step? What’s the next step? Was I stress free enough? Have they grown? Are they big enough? Today we find out if we are ready for our first IUI procedure.


SOL 1: Slicing with 4th Graders

Today’s the day! After Christmas, we started our blogs. We spent the last two months playing around with them, creating with them, and figuring out how to use them. Now we are ready to start day one of the Slice of Life challenge this year For the second year in a row I’m going to be slicing along side of my class. This year in my fourth grade class I have 22 bloggers and they are super excited about any writing challenge. Earlier in the year we had a writing stamina challenging and man they blew me away with being able to write for almost 2 solid hours!! CRAZY!!! So they’re excited for this new challenge. Some may be a little motivated by last year’s students talking about their writing prizes from last year‘s challenge but needless we’re ready to begin. Yesterday we spent some writing time brainstorming all the different topics that we could write about in our blogs. Good luck to everyone on a great month of writing.


SOL 31:It’s hard for me…

It’s hard for me to read the new article about the child who’s been abused.

It’s hard me to watch the infomercial about the sad overseas orphans.

It’s hard for me to understand parents who can’t take time check in with their child.

It’s hard for me to scroll through social media announcements of growing families.

It’s hard for me to hear the “were ready for more grandkids/nieces and nephews”

It’s hard for me to scroll Pinterest through all the nursery decor.

It’s hard for me to listen how bad your children behave.

It’s hard for me to pass that section of tiny clothes.

It’s hard for me to keep checking my temperature each morning.

It’s hard for me to answer “When are you guys going to star having kids?”

It’s hard for me to keep charting every morning.

It’s hard for me to not just break inside when told not to worry it will happen when it’s time.

It’s hard for me to keep smiling when I feel like just letting go the tears.

It’s hard for me to be able to give my husband the family we’ve dreamed and prayed for.

It’s hard for me to keep hopeful and paticent.

It’s hard for me to suppress the desire and longing to be a mother.

It’s hard for me.


SOL 30: Happy Dance!

I got home before 5pm!

Today is my Friday! (Sorta)

Taxes are done!

Dinner is done!

Laundry is done!

Girls day plan next Saturday!

I have actually almost completed this challenge!

I have two students who have actually sliced everyday!