SOL 21: Visiting a Lab Classroom

Today I got to visit another district and see their lab classroom. I wanted to list my take aways from today.

  • Book Clubs instead of literacy circle
  • Using Novels for a mentor text
  • Reading progression charts for quick reference where students are or know where to push high level students
  • Accountable student talks, they were talking about what others say not just sharing only their ideas
  • Google slide of the parts of my mini lessons so I make sure I address them all the way I want to

SOL 20: Early Bed Time

Sometimes Tuesdays are harder than Mondays. After a full day of teaching. Working on portfolio with a partner teacher and planing for a sub tomorrow. Attending a two hour board meeting. Chatting with a new school board candidate. Preparing to visit a different school to watch a coaching lab and shadow their technology coaches. This girls is ready for bed.

SOL 19: Nightly Snuggles

It’s always a little lonely when my husband is gone on business trips but luckily I have my fur baby to keep me company. Tonight is the first night of a long week without my husband. Ruby is always extra cuddly when he is gone. Tonight after turning off the light she hopped up in bed and curled up beside me. With her head on my shoulder I feel her warm breath on my arm and her soft fur against my skin.

SOL 18: New Classroom Toy!

I follow many teachers on Instagram and this past week several of them were talking about this VR cube. They were buying them all up because Walmart was selling them for $1 compared to it normal $15 price. It looked neat but I didn’t rush to our local rural Walmart that never has the good teacher finds. Today on my weekly grocery trip I figured I would check and see if they have them. Well they did and they were $1 so I bought…12!

SOL 17: St. Patrick‚Äôs Day Date

At one time we get dressed and got out for a night on the town with friends. This year after a day of me working on my last masters class and him building fence on one of the farms. We got cleaned up and went to Lowe’s to look at flower bed edging. Followed by dinner at BWW. Now exhausted, and full bellies we are both ready to hit the hay…zzz…

SOL 16: Feet Up Friday

For the first time all year I am leaving (before 4 o’clock) on a Friday afternoon with a crossed off To Do List!!!! (Happy Dance) Next weeks plans are done, new spelling sorts are gathered and cut for Monday, student blogs are all posted, and desk cleared off! Today I feel like I’m winning!!!

SOL 15: avoiding it

There it sits. It has traveled to and from school countless nights even switched from this bag to that bag. “I’ll have time to do it tomorrow” said over and over. Still it sits undone. It’s that pile of random assignments from absent kiddos.

Tonight I’m avoiding it…again…

SOL12:Morning Day Date

We both had doctors appointments today. So we planned to spend the time together. We are first going to his appointment and then to a coffee shop before heading back for my appointment. No fancy candle light dinner or even real silverware. Just the two of us and a Jimmy Johns lunch.

SOL 12: New Toy

While at Walmart I thought I would bring them home a surprise. It warming up outside and a new big yellow ball would be so fun to watch them play with. I think I was more excited about then they were. They weren’t sure about what it was. They tried licking the ball but were startled when it started to roll toward them.