SOL 26: Proud Teacher Moment

I wanted to share my little ray of sunshine today on this gloomy Sunday afternoon spent grading informational on demands. A little background on the assignment. This was the post assessment for our informational writing unit after weeks of researching animals and studying components of imfortational writing.

For this student everything clicked together! We studied leads:

“SHOCKING NEWS! Ice closed in on a pod of Narwhals at 2:00pm today! Those poor Narwhals were on their way to Canada…WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A NARWHAL IS!?!”

We talked about vocabulary:

Mammal: a warm blooded animal.”

“A pod: a group of narwhals”

Narwhal (nar-wall)

Their paper was well organized as we discussed as a class. They even had lots of voice included.

“Narwhals can grow to 13 to 15 feet long! Wow! That’s about the length of a school bus!”

Unfortunately, our on demands are timed and students only have 45 minutes to complete their piece. Because of the time limit they did not get to finish their piece. I wonder how else they would have dazzled me if they had been able to finish?


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